Introduction to Truphone

Our values

    • - Go out of our way to investigate new technologies and markets
    • - Challenge the status quo and seek new solutions that bring value
    • - Break down barriers to delivering to the customer
    • - Apply creativity to all areas of the business (not just technology and markets)
    • - Always seek to do better Are inspiring
    • - Show common commitment to our business goals
    • - Proactively share information and work together to solve problems
    • - Create new opportunities with customers and partners
    • - Are generous in our understanding of what each other is doing and take into account each others situations in establishing a solution Coach to encourage behaviours
    • - Contribute to the debate but buy into the team outcome
    • - Are prepared to change our minds through active listening
    • - Go the extra mile to ensure success
    • - Show conviction Plan for success, setting clear objectives, agendas and outcomes
    • - Are focused on the outcome
    • - Communicate clearly and without ambiguity
    • - Deliver on our promises
    • - Are not afraid to push boundaries
    • - Be bold in setting high standards
    • - Stand up for what we believe in
    • - Support our view with evidence
    • - Are open to challenge and straightforward conversation
    • - Say what we mean and mean what we say
    • - Take the time to understand each other’s cultures and behave accordingly
    • - Acknowledge each other’s roles and their expertise
    • - Listen to and value our colleagues opinion
    • - Respect each other’s time Value diversity
    • - Are able to trust each other
    • - Are a pleasure to work with

Doing whatever it takes to succeed and never giving up on

achieving the right thing for our business.

Thinking big, being open to new possibilities and finding the ways to make Truphone better.

Working together willingly and seeking mutual success to achieve common goals.

Being easy to do business with for our colleagues and customers alike

and valuing the diversity our colleagues bring.

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Stay closer to your contacts

In the Truphone Zone - which currently includes the UK, the US, Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, Germany, Poland and The Netherlands - our customers can have up to eight international numbers on a single SIM, bringing them closer to your contacts with a number they can call, at a local rate, wherever they are in the world.

Be more productive

Truphone World keeps our customers connected to their colleagues, clients and contacts on one plan and on one tariff that covers 66 countries, helping them to stay in touch and work efficiently wherever their business takes them, without swapping SIMs or worrying about cost.

Enjoy peace of mind

Truphone is one of the leading pioneers in the mobile industry. Our ‘Net Promoter Score’, a measure of customer advocacy, holds steady at 60% - which leads the mobile industry globally. And our award-winning global Customer Service Team is always ready to help, around the world and around the clock, in multiple languages.

  • What sets the Truphone network apart from traditional mobile operators is that they have a global presence and therefore, when we travel or when we talk to colleagues abroad, we get better call quality and faster data speeds.

    Michael Rowlands, Nike
  • Truphone was exactly was I had been looking for. It's the Holy Grail of global mobile communications.

    Spencer Rolls, iBAHN
  • Occasionally, I come across something that makes me ask: ‘Why hasn’t this been done before?’ The Truphone service is one of those.

    Steve Middleton, Ibiza Rocks

Current Truphone Locations

While London is the base of our leadership team, Truphone is a global company. We’re building local teams to sell our services and support our customers across all our markets.

Click to see our office locations in each country.


We moved to our state-of-the-art offices in Canary Wharf in November 2014. It’s a fantastic new building in the heart of the business district with plenty of space and light, lots of break-out areas, an eating space and a games room.

  • Australia
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Germany
  • Oberursel
  • Netherlands
  • Bilthoven
  • Philippines
  • Manila
  • Poland
  • Warsaw
  • Portugal, Lisbon
  • Spain
  • Madrid
  • Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • USA
  • New York, NY
  • Raleigh-Durham, NC



Truphone has attracted visionaries and professionals from across the telecoms and technology industries. United by a passion for innovation, Truphone’s leadership ensures businesses around the world can enjoy the level of service they deserve through our uniquely global mobile network and mobile recording services.

Click here to watch a recent Bloomberg TV interview of Truphone CEO Steve Robertson explaining our company


Truphone’s customers include small, medium and large enterprise companies in multiple industries, including seven of the world’s ten largest TIER 1 banks.  

Truphone serves the most demanding of mobile users – from those that operate internationally and require a first class service with multiple international numbers on a single SIM, to ones that benefit from having the versatility of global shared plans and one global bill.

We work in close collaboration with a host of renowned industry partners and suppliers and leading device manufacturers around the world.


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